MI LCD Writing Tablet 13.5″

Mi Lcd Writing Tablet 13.5"

MI LCD Writing Tablet 13.5″


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Product dimensions: 214 × 300 × 7.2mm
Main materials: ABS, polymer solid liquid-crystal display soft film
Battery type: Button cell battery (CR2025)

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The Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5 is a versatile digital notepad that combines the convenience of traditional paper with modern technology. With a large 13.5-inch display, it provides ample space for notes, sketches, or drawings, making it ideal for students, professionals, and creatives. The pressure-sensitive stylus allows for precise and natural writing or drawing, and the tablet is easy to erase with a single touch, promoting eco-friendly practices.

Its lightweight and slim design make it portable and easy to carry, ensuring that your ideas and notes are at your fingertips whenever inspiration strikes, all while reducing paper waste. The MI LCD Writing Tablet 13.5’s price in Pakistan makes it an affordable and eco-friendly choice for individuals seeking a digital notepad for note-taking and creativity. Unbeatable MI LCD Writing Tablet price in Lahore, Pakistan at XiaomiLahore.pk

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